Collection: Roger Bissiere

Roger (Jean-Edouard) Bissière

1886- 1964 France)

Original Lithographs /Engravings

Roger Bissiere, one of the best-known French artists of the 1950s and 60s, was born at Villereal, Lot-et-Garonne on September 22, 1886, the son of a notary. He started his career as a journalist, writing art reviews for the Parisian weekly "L'Opinion." He began exhibiting paintings in a cubist style around 1918, and in 1920 wrote the preface to a book on Georges Braque, the first monograph on that artist.

Bissiere was closely associated with the cubist momvement, but achieved major international recognition only in the final years of his life. He is now recognized as a major figure in the history of modern French painting.

Bissiere's son, Marc-Antoine, also became a well-known painter and graphic artist, who worked under the pseudonym Louttre B. (See Works by Louttre B)



Untitled Composition - SOLD

Vieux Paysage -SOLD

Composition Gris Hiver - SOLD

Composition (with stars, symbols) - SOLD
Composition (with red circle) - SOLD Merridor - SOLD "Le Soleil" - SOLD
Composition (red, black, grey) Ocre et Bleu - SOLD Ile de Re - SOLD
Composition Rose - SOLD Bleu Brun Gris et Jaune - SOLD
Soleil- SOLD Original Lithograph - SOLD Verte - SOLD
    Compositon - Bleu - SOLD
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