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Hermann Scherer


Woodblock Prints
Posthumously Printed from the Original Woodcuts

Limited Edition of 70

Each bears a stamp with the indication 49/70 (see last photo below)


August Hermann Scherer

(February 8, 1893 Rümmingen, Germany - May 13, 1927, Basel Switzerland)


Scherer was a founding member of the "Rot-Blau" group that formed around Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in Davos in the early 20th Century and is considered one of the leading sculptors of the expressionist movement.


Born into a poor farmer's family, Scherer had to work for a living, and was apprenticed to a stone cutter in Germany at the age of 14. During WWI, Scherer lived in Basel, where he worked as an assistant to the Scultor Otto Roos. It was also during this time that he created the first of his own scultures. It was also in Basel that Scherer met Kirchner, who invited him to Davos, where he created the group Rot-Blau with his friends Albert Müller und Paul Camenisch.


Scherer's works are currently featured in the exhibition Expressionism from the Mountains - Kirchner, Bauknecht, Wiegers and the Group "Rot-Blau" at the Kunstmuseum Bern.



Portrait (Self Portrait?)


Couple at a Table

Alpine Landscape

Double Portrait of a Couple

Existential Man in the Big City

Old Age and Youth

Portrait of a Writer or Artist

Two Women

Expressionist Hillside

The Picnik


  This stamp appears on the lower right corner side of each of these prints - All are numbered 49/70 Nude
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