Collection: Esteban Fekete


Esteban Fekete


Born 1924 in Cinkota, Hungary



Esteban Fekete was born in 1924 in in Cinkota near Budapest. He was raised in Hungary and Turkey. As a young man he was an promising athlete, and in 1948 while on a trip to Paris a group of Hungarian athletes, he decided not to return to Hungary where the political situation was deteriorating.


Fekete moved to Argentina, where he first began his work as an self-taught artist. An exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany in 1961 was a success, and Fekete was offered a position at the University of Darmstadt. He became a Germany citizen in the 1970s.


Fekete is known for his colorful depictions of fairy tales and legends executed in oil, pastel and woodblock prints. Each image tells a story.









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