The Harbor of Toulon - Rade de Toulon - Carel Allard

C. Allard: De Haven van Toulon


This map is in fact a combination of four different maps. Two (on the left) are by Carol Allard, one (top right) is by Pieter Schenk and the fourth - the uncolored one (lower left) is by a British mapmaker -- we are not certain who. It is entitled "The Road of Toulon with the Adjacent Country."


All four are on old chainlinked paper and are clearly period maps. Beyond that, it is a mystery to us how these two beautiful maps came to be joined into one large piece. The paper has been skillfully joined in the back.

The overall effect is beautiful; each individual map is striking. The texts are also interesting, giving the history of Toulon in French and Dutch, and including details about naval battles, navigation and even the number of cannons at certain spots.


Text in Dutch. No text on reverse.

Condition: Very good. There is a 2 inch tear in the sheet which can be seen in the image just below the uncolored section of the map.


Dimensions: 23.5 X 20.5 inches
(Around 52 X 60 cm)






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