Antique Map of Berkshire County - England

Antique Map of Berkshire


By BLAEU, Willem and Joan

Bercheria Vernacule Barkshire

Published in Amsterdam in 1647

Text in Latin on the verso.

A very decorative handcolored map of the county of Berkshire, England with figures, a coats of arms and scutcheons.

Condition: Very good. The map was apparently torn at one point in its history -- from the upper left down through the center -- but it is so expertly reparied that it this is only noticeable on very close inspection. Some light discoloration along center fold. Light spotting in a few areas. Nothing that detracts from the overall beauty of the map.

Towns and locations which can be seen on this map include: Farington, Oxford, Abbington, Newberye, Henley, Redding, East Ilsley, Cumpton, Wantage, The Vale of Whitehorse, Fairecrosse, Raisnsbury, Windsor, etc...

Dimensions of Full Sheet: 24 X 21 inches

Dimensions of Map: 19.5 X 15 inches




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