Merian - Valletta, Malta

Matthaeus Merian the Elder
Valletta, Malta


Valletta Citta' Nova di Malta

Beautiful copperplate engraving Published in Frankfurt around 1680.

Dimensions: 33 X 38 cm

Birds eye view of the fortified city of Valetta, Malta. In the upper left corner is a 41-point key to the city including sites such as the Castello di S. Elmo, the Porta Reale, the Chiesa di S. Paolo, etc..

On the lower right, an ornate cartouche contains a map of islands of Malta and Gozo. Just above it is a compass rose indicating the position of Malta in relation to Italy and Sicily.

Condition: Eight small professional repairs visible on the back - Very attractive clean image on the front. Light browning of sheet (looks more conspicuous in these scans than to the naked eye). Very attractive and clean appearance.





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