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Malta - Cosmographia


Very interesting woodblock sheet from the 1570 German edition of Sebastian Muenster's Cosmographie contains a colored map of the Island of Malta and an illustration of sugar cane. On the reverse is a text about the "Royal City of Palermo"


Page size: Around 9 X 14 inches

Condition: Some light browing and a few faint spots as shown.



Sebasian Muenster

Sebastian Muenster was born in 1488 at Ingelheim, (Germany) and died in 1552 in Basel, (Switzerland).

Muenster was the true renaissance man: historian, mathematician, geographer, and linguist. For a time he was a Franciscan Monk. After the reformation, he converted to Protestantism. He taught Hebrew at the University of Heidelberg before settling in Basel in 1529.


As a cartographer, he is perhaps best known for his book the Cosmographia published in 1544 which aimed to give a comprehensive picture of the known world in the 16th Century.

Muenster's other works include an illustrated Latin edition of Ptolemy's Geographia with illustrations, a triligual dictionary in Greek, Latin and Hebrew and the Mappa Europae or map of Europe (1536).


A portrait of Sebastian Muenster appeared on the old German DM notes that were published before the 1990s.


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