Reilly - Map of Kanton Bern

Der Kanton Bern
Franz Johann Josef von Reilly


Very attractively hand colored copper plate map of the old Canton of Berne, extending from Lake Geneva almost all the way to Zurich.

A very attractive small map of Switzerland.

Dimensions of the printed surface: around 12 X 9 inches or around 23 X 30 cm

Published in Vienna around 1790 by the Viennese publisher Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly.


We believe that this map most likely comes from von Reilly's "Grosser Deutscher Atlas" the first who world atlas to be published in Austria.

Regions shown include: Lake Geneva (Genfer See) Savoy (Savoyen), the Franche Comte, the Rhone river, Lake Neuchatel, the Murtensee (Lake Morat), etc...


Towns indicated include: Coppet, Rolle, Moreses, Cossonay, Aubonne, Geneva, Solothurn, Hermance, Thonon, Evian, Noseroy, Freiburg, Gruyere, Bern, Thun, Interlaken, Unterseen, Zofingen.



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