Collection: Lausanne Region - Zurlauben

The Lausanne region in the Late 18th Century

Antique Copperplate Engravings from Baron Zurlauben's topography published around 1780.

The letters A.P.D.R. appear on each print, which means that they were engraved "avec privilège du roi" - or licensed by the king - this is an annotation which ones ees only on prints published before the French revolution. It meant the print had been approved by the French censures.



Cascade entre Lausanne et Vevay (Vevey) Vue de Port d'Ouchy (Lausanne)
Vue d'un Moulin (Lausanne) Vue d'un Autre Moulin (Lausanne)
Fontaine de Vevey Vue d'une Fabrique a Morges Vue du Village de Clarens
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