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Johann Elias Ridinger


(Born Ulm, February 16, 1698 - Died Augsburg, April 10, 1767)


These original handcolored copperplate engravings are from the following work, published in Augsburg in 1768.

"Das in seiner Mannigfaltigkeit und in seinen schönen Farben geschilderte Tierreich" (The Animal Kingdom Depicted in All Its Colorful Diversity).

Dimensions: 28 X 45 cm


Johann Elias Ridinger is one of the most famous German engravers of animals, particularly horses, hounds and hunting scenes. He began his training in Ulm with the painter Christoph Resch (1701–16), and later studied under Johann Falch (1687–1727) in Augsburg. He learned the art of engraving from Georg Philipp Rugendas.

At the invitation of Wolf, Freiherr von Metternich, Ridinger spent threes years at the Riding School of Regensburg, an experience which had a profound influence on his work. His illustrations of equitation are among his best known engravings.

Sometime around 1723, Ridinger founded his own art publishing house in Augsburg and began selling prints that he himself designed and engraved. These included series on hunting, breeds of horses, riding manuals, wild animals and hunting dogs.

After Ridinger's death his sons Martin Elias Ridinger (1730–80) and Johann Jakob Ridinger (1736–84) continued to run the publishing house, issuing reprints of the most popular series of their father's work.


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