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Elisabeth of Bavaria


19th Century aquatint
engraving by William Unger after the famous portrait of the Empress by Franz Schrotzberg.


The painting of Elisabeth by Schrotzberg, after which this engraving was made, is one of only a few portaits for which the Empress sat in person for the artist. It is conisdered to be one of the most accurate representations of her true appearance.


Empress Sisi

(December 24, 1837 – September 10, 1898)

Known from an early age as Sisi, Elisabeth of Bavaria (Kaiserin Elisabeth) was the empress consort of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria.


Elisabeth's distaste for court life and the Hapsburgs was legendary, and she took to a life of travel. The story of Sisi's life, as a kind of tragic victim of the royal lifestyle has elevated her to a kind of cult status. Her lifestory was popularized by three romantic German "Sissi" films starring Romy Schneider. The films enjoyed a popularity and familiarity in Germany and Austria similar to that of "The Sound of Music" or "The Wizard of Oz" in the United States.


Sisi was stabbed to death as she walked along Geneva's lakefront on September 10, 1889 by an anarchist named Luigi Lucheni who wanted to kill a member of royalty. As she lay dying from a puncture would to the heart, Sissi's last words were reported to be: "What happened to me?"


William Unger
William Unger (Born 1837 in Hanover, Germany - did March 3, 1932 in Innsbruck, Austria) was a member of the Viennese academy.


Unger worked in Leipzig and Vienna and was reputed for his engravings and illustrations. He made many beautiful etchings of works by other artists, which allowed the images to become well known by the public.


Image size: 18.5 X15.5 cm
(as shown in top image)
Full Sheet size with margins: 33.5 X 26 cm
(as shown in second image)


Condition: Excellent. There is some light age toning around the outer edges of the sheet.



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