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Benjamin Rabier

Title: Mal Recompense (Badly Paid!)

The text in French below the print reads:

--Le Chat - C'est bien la peine de defendre ton maitre et de lui etre fidele; il te charge de chaines, te met sur la paille, te nourrit de pain et déau. Absolment ce quón fait a un homme quand il a commis un crime."

"The Cat says - 'It's good that you defend your master and are faithful to him, but he's got you in chains, sleeping on straw, and he is feeding you bread and water. This is how one treats a man when he has committed a crime.' "

The famous french artist Benjamin Rabier (1864-1939) is perhaps best known for the laughing cow he created for the "Vache Qui Rit" cheese. Born in La Roche sur Yon in 1864, he began his career as an artist at the famous Lorraine printing enterprise Epinal and later began publishing carictaures and drawings for periodicals. From around 1906 Rabier specialized in Children's books, many of them illustrated with farm animals. One of the most popular of these was the duck named Gédéon. This lithograph comes from a publication printed in 1906.

Dimensions: 11 X 8.5 inches

Condition: Paper lightly but evenly browned with age, which in our view adds caracter to the piece.





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