Collection: George Edwards

George Edwards (1694-1773)


Engravings from Gleanings of Natural History - 1758
and A Natural History of Uncommon Birds (1743-1751)


George Edwards was one of the greatest British bird artists. He often worked from live birds in nature or in captivity in London (at the time, many artists worked from dead specimens) and is sometimes called "The Father of Ornithology." The Linneaus names of some 350 birds were based on Edward's careful description of them.


These handcolored plates come from "Gleanings of Natural History" originally published in 1758-1764 and from "A Natural History of Uncommon Birds" published between 1743 and 1751.

Based on the paper, some of these are from the original editions and come from later early 19th Century editions -- click on the images for more detailed information about the individual prints.

The Strange Story of Britain's "Porcupine Man" - From "Gleanings"

Engraved map with images of the beak of an Egyptian Ibis, male and female stag beetles from Borneo and a Lear Humming Bird from Jamaica.- SOLD

The mango-fish and the great brown locust

Chap. LXXVI. Pla. 286. The balanus of the whale with polypes, the limax marina, the hairy crab, and the herringbone coralline
Double Headed Snake from the Island of Barbados, Plate 207 - George Edwards 1784 Plate #225
"Ash colored Hansk (?) and the Little Brown Lizard, "Drawn and etched immediately from Life 1756"
Copperplate on Whatmans Wove Paper, Watermark 1803 - SOLD
"The little Thrush fromNoarth America drawn from Llife of its natural size"
Wove Paper - SOLD
"From A Natural History of Uncommon Birds"
Wove Paper
Signed in the Plate "Geo Edwards 1751"
Some spotting - SOLD
"The Coot Footed Tringa published According to Act of Parliament 1741, Geo Edwards"
Wove Paper, no watermark
Laid Paper
"The Numidian Crane, Called in French Demoiselle de Numidia, Otus Sine Scops, Edwards delin anno 1748"
Plate #134
"From A Natural History of Uncommon Birds"
Wove Paper
Watermark J. Whatman 1801
Light smuding but a spectacular image. SOLD
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