Herculaneum - Volume 5

Le Antichità di Ercolano


Engravings from Volume 5 (Tomo 5)


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Le Antichita di Ercolano (The Antiquities of Heculaneum) was a collection of images of archeological finds from the excavations at the Roman city of Herculaneum. It was published over a 40 year period from 1744 to 1792 as the excavations continued. Many different artists and archeologists of the day worked on it.


The Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were burried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on the morning of 25 August, 79 AD. It was not until 1709 that the city of Herculaneum was discovered when a peasant digging a well on his property was astonished to uncover large slabs of inscribed marble.


The discoveries of Herculaneum and Pompeii fascinated 18th Century Europeans. Images such as these of the art found during the excavations were circulated to across the continent and helped give rise to the neo-classical style.

These are not reproductions, but authentic 18th Century copperplate engravings on handlaid chainlinked paper. Beautiful light even toning with a hint of sepia.

A marvelous complement to an empire style or Neo-classical decor, they also look striking in a modern setting.


Dimensions: Each sheet measures approximately13 X 18 inches (Around 33 X 46 cm).


The margins are around 1 inch wider all around than shown in the scans


Please not that due to the large size of these images we scanned each in two parts. If some images here look slighly wavy in the center, this is a product of the scan process and is not part of the print. All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.



More Herculaneum Engravings

Volume 2 | Volume 3 | Volume 4 | Volume 5| Volume 6 | Volume 7| Volume


Sun, Moon and Eagle - Pag 5

Bust of Dionysis - 41


Bust of Pomona - 49

Bust of an Amazon - 167

Bust of a Leader - 175

Bust of Hercules - 185 Bust of Hercules (profile) - 187 Bust from Herculaneum - 197
Bust of Thespis - 205 Bust of Seleucus I Nicator - 223 Bust of a Leader - 229
Bust of a Leader - 231 Bust of a Roman Priest - 253 Bust of a Roman Priest (profile) - 255
Asclepius and Hygieia - 271    
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